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My Background

I'm a real drifter.  Having grown up with my father in the Air Force I've lived in a number of different states and have seen a lot of different sights.

I love the outdoors, animals, flying, martial arts, computers and helping people where I can.

I currently live in the Atlanta Georgia area with my wife and three daughters.  I program computers for a living.

My Hobbies

I'm retired now but I've loved taking and teaching karate most of my life.  I loved the competition and seeing young people gain confidence and the ability to take on responsibility.

My dream come true

I'm deaf in my right ear so after high school I was told by the Navy and the Air Force that I was not eligible to serve.  I wanted to fly.  I learned later after a fun flight with the Navy Flying Club on Dobbins ARB that being deaf in one ear didn't matter flying in the civilian world.  Six months later I had my private pilots license.  I went on to earn my Instrument rating and more.

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